DFW AIRPORT A restaurant employee at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Terminal A refused to pay for parking for at least a year by repeatedly tailgating other vehicles as they went through the toll lanes in the airport's south exit plaza.

Patrick Ready, 26, faces charges for theft of service and reckless driving, and will have to post a $3,500 bond when he turns himself in or police eventually catch up to him.

His most recent offense on March 31 was caught on camera.

In the video, a black sedan pulls up first. Ready pulls up behind it. After the driver of the black car pays, the gate opens and the vehicle pulls through.

But the airport worker is seen flooring his silver Hyundai Sonata, staying inches away from the paying customer to sneak through without paying.

The arm starts to close after the black sedan but reopens, when Ready rushes through.

Turns out, this isn't the first time he is suspected of doing it. DFW parking officials told airport police that the same silver Hyundai has sneaked through without paying since May 2013.

'Failing to pay for parking is considered a theft of services,' said DFW Airport spokesman David Magana. 'In addition to personnel who may witness and report on situations at the exit plazas, DFW has technology in place to identify and prosecute individuals who choose not to pay for parking.'

Police identified Ready by using new technology.

He told News 8 by phone that he didn't know how often he ran through the toll gates, but admitted it wasn't right, and said he plans to resolve it.

Ready lost his restaurant job in Terminal A after police revoked his badge and filed two charges against him.

The airport's exit plazas are one of the airport's biggest money-makers. It may never be known how much Ready got away with in unpaid parking.


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