LITTLEELM-- You know those people who seemingly have it worse in life, but somehow happily accept the way things are? Jimmy Lee Robinson is one of those people.

The 42-year resident of Little Elm is out of work and sleeping on a couch in his brother's garage.

But he's one of the happiest people you will ever meet.

'It ain't what you got. It's what you do that makes you happy,' said Robinson.

If you live near Eldorado and the Dallas North Tollway in Frisco, you've seen Jimmy Lee Robinson during the afternoon rush.

He's the one jogging while holding up signs every afternoon during rush hour.

Just didn't know his name until now.

'I go out there with a positive attitude. I put energy in the world,' Robinson said.

In his brother's garage, hung on the wall like an art gallery, are about 30 hand-drawn inspirational messages that Robinson carries while he runs. All are laminated to protect them from the elements.

Some of his favorites read: 'Get Better Baby,' 'God Bless You,' 'It Will Be Okay' and 'Great Day!'

Robinson was born when his mother was 14. He never knew his father. He says he's got a college degree, but now he's unemployed and sleeping on that couch. But not just any couch.

'This is my couch. This is my baby, man. I lay down here and dream of better days, my friend. It's going to be okay,' he said.

And it's not only that old couch Robinson loves He loves you, too. And everybody else.

'God bless you. Be strong, be strong, be strong,' he yelled on Thursday afternoon to passing cars near the Tollway.

Even though, materially, he's got less than many other people, it does seem he's got more to give than most.

'Whatever they're going through. Whatever it is, it's going to be okay. It's not that hard. Tough times don't last always. Look at me. I've got nothing. Look at me, I can smile and laugh,' he said.

He can also run. And inspire.

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