DALLAS The Mavericks took on the Spurs for Game 7 in the opening round of the NBA Playoffs in San Antonio Sunday afternoon. But for dedicated Mavs fans, it mattered that they be at the American Airlines Center to watch the big game on the big screens.

'It's pretty exciting to see this many fans out here dedicating their Sunday afternoon, come out and spend time out here,' said fan Peter Fay.

They watched the first half on the scoreboard's giant display, and you could feel the optimism. Acts like the Mavs ManiAACs kept spirits up during commercial breaks.

But then came halftime... and the motivational speeches.

'We're coming back, yeah, we're coming back,' one fan said optimistically. 'We're coming back to win. It's not over yet!'

So the second half started and there were moments where if felt like the team picked up steam to try and chip away the Spurs' solid lead, but San Antonio never did let go.

As the clock ran down, you started seeing fans sneaking out of the Dallas arena. Pretty soon, and empty seat here turned into empty rows all over the AAC.

Game 7 came to a frustrating close as the Spurs came out on top.

'I didn't think it was going to be that bad,' said Carlos Valancia.

'[If] Game 7 would have been here, we would have won it,' Tiara Carson added. 'All the energy with the Mavs fans, I think that we would have won.'

Casey Blair summed it up this way: 'We stayed close the whole series, so I thought we'd pull it off today, but better luck next year!'


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