BALCH SPRINGS -- Balch Springs police are investigating the early morning shooting death of a 24-year-old mother of two.

Police said Monika Soto-Garcia was shot once at about 7:20 a.m. at the Quail Village Apartments in the 12227 block of Quail Drive off Interstate 635.

Officers found Soto-Garcia dead in the bushes outside of a building in the complex. Several neighbors saw the commotion this morning after her body was found.

'I went to school around 7, came back around 7:25 [a.m.] and a lot of cops came,' said resident Cynthia Combs.

'I never seen no woman dead before,' John Siprano said. 'Shot like right there in daylight like that.'

A large group of friends and family gathered at Soto-Garcia's apartment complex to comfort one another.

Resident Mike Grindele, who moved in to complex a week ago, was shaken by the killing.

'It's a little troubling it happened so close. It happened right there, and I live right there,' he said.

Police say all possibilities are on the table as they continue to investigate Soto-Garcia's death.

'The possibilities, of course, include that it is a homicide. How did she wind up deceased? What led up to it? Who was there? Any kind of witnesses who might of heard something, seen something?' said Lt. Mark Maret with the Balch Springs Police Department. 'Things like that.'


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