DALLAS -- A 12-year-old is in critical condition after he suffered serious head injuries when he and his brother were beaten and robbed by a group of teens over the weekend.

Police say the group of four or five teens surrounded and then attacked the 12-year-old and his 15-year-old brother. The younger boy was assaulted as he tried to run away, a news release said.

The attack occurred around 10:30 p.m. Saturday in the 7900 block of Antoinette Street near South Buckner Boulevard as the boys were walking back from a convenience store.

The older brother carried the unconscious 12-year-old to their home. Remon Lee, Jr., who lives next door, performed CPR.

'I was glad God used me to help him,' Lee said.

Fire crews responded from there and took the boy to Children's Medical Center.

Police have said that they are confident that they will be able to solve the case due to strong information from witnesses.

According to police reports, the suspects, described as around 15 years old, got away with a bag of chips, a cell phone, and a cell phone charger.

Dallas police say they have some strong leads and have been in the process interviewing witnesses.


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