FORTWORTH Police in Fort Worth announced that authorities have made five arrests in the case of nine vehicles that were set ablaze during the early morning hours of Saturday, April 5.

The Fort Worth Fire Department said in a press conference Friday that three of the suspects were arrested thanks to witness information. The other two were arrested after interrogations. Four of them are teenagers.

The images and the damage were horrifying. Vehicle after vehicle on Forth Worth's south side, near Berry and Hemphill, were set on fire in less than 40 minutes, starting just after 4 a.m.

'There's not really any explanation for this kind of behavior I can give you,' says Fort Worth arson investigator Brad Sims.

Sims says it took a lot of long hours and a few good tips to put this all together. In all, five people were arrested. The youngest is 17. Sims says they included family members and significant others, who all lived in the very area they targeted.

'In one vehicle, there was our oldest participant. And she at the time had her eight-year-old son in the car,' Sims says.

And while that child isn't in trouble, another one is.

'She also had a daughter there that was 17 that was in the car with her,' Sims says, adding that that daughter was arrested.

By the time police came to her door at 4:30 last Saturday morning, Onoria Trejo's daughter-in-law's SUV had already been charred. After a week of worrying they'd strike again, Trejo can now relax.

She has a message for those responsible.

'It's going to come around. What goes around, comes around,' Trejo says.

A motive is still unclear, according to investigators. A warrant affidavit reveals gasoline was used to ignite the vehicles. Surveillance video provided by homeowners was key in getting help from the public to identify the suspects.

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