Republican John Ratcliffe is trying to unseat Rep. Ralph Hall of Rockwall, the nation's oldest congressman.

A former U.S. Attorney and former mayor of Heath, Ratcliffe got about 30 percent of the vote in the GOP primary election; Ralph Hall got 46 percent. The two will meet in a runoff on May 27.

Ratcliffe answers questions from 'Inside Texas Politics' host Jason Whitely and Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy.

Hall declined an invitation to join the conversation, citing a scheduling conflict, but did agree to a separate interview with News 8.

Every Sunday morning we go to Austin to get context from the Capitol. No one has a better seat for it than Ross Ramsey, the executive editor and co-founder of The Texas Tribune. He discusses the appearance of Texas Gov. Rick Perry on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live; the runoff challenges facing David Dewhurst and Dan Branch; and the surge of tea party candidate Dan Patrick.

Ed Gray from 411 Reality Radio says conservatives are making a shallow argument against President Obama this election year by portraying the chief executive as a modern day dictator.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is in the news again.

Republicans have launched RedState Women, a new political action committee aimed at female voters. Those behind the effort say it's designed to show that Democrats don't have a lock on women voters. Cari Christman, executive editor of the new PAC, discusses the aims of the group with Jason Whitely.

President Obama vs. Vladimir Putin? The situation in Ukraine isn't as simple as many make it out to be. American companies have billions invested in Russia. A lot is at stake. But could the U.S. take a stronger stance? That's the focus of this week's Flashpoint debate, with Mark Davis of 660 AM The Answer on the right and author and producer Katie Sherrod on the left.

Jason Whitely, Ross Ramsey and Bud Kennedy put the week's political headlines in perspective on Reporters Roundtable. They discuss Wendy Davis' fresh assaults on gubernatorial opponent Greg Abbott; the Democratic runoff race for the agriculture commissioner nomination; and Ted Cruz' endorsement of State Senate candidate Konni Burton.


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