DALLAS A Dallas woman was charged with aggravated kidnapping after allegedly taking her son to a park and threatening to throw him off an embankment into the moving water below.

Erica Dominique, 25, was taken into custody on Friday at the Joppa Preserve park in the 7400 block of Great Trinity River Forest Boulevard.

Earlier that day, court documents say she got into a fight with her common-law husband and told him, 'I'm going to kill those kids.' The man took the keys from Dominique to prevent her from driving away. The document says they spent the next 45 minutes discussing their issues inside the car. The man is also the father of the children.

Convinced the fight was over, he returned the keys and Dominique left with her two-year-old and six-month-old daughters. The document says investigators later learned that she 'intentionally and knowingly abducted the (children) with the intent to terrorize' them.

Dominique picked up her son at the bus stop where he is dropped off each day.

She then drove to the park and walked the boy to the edge of an embankment 'with moving water beneath it' and said she was 'thinking about trying to harm him,' the document says. The father received a call from Dominique's cell phone and could hear the boy 'very fearful and frantically crying.'

The man called police, who found him at the scene of the fight in the 5300 block of Preakness Lane. He told responding officers that he heard the boy say, 'Mamma tried to kill us.'

The officer tracked Dominique's cell phone to the park and a dispatcher sent police to the location. They found her 1994 Chrysler Town and Country parked under an overpass. She was in the driver's seat and the children were safe and inside the car. The kids were taken to the Children's Advocacy Center and Dominique was arrested.

She's charged with aggravated assault family violence and held on $100,000 bond.

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