We are seeking an individual who will be responsible for producing all weather graphics for the 5, 6 and 10PM newscasts, and operating systems during severe weather.

We are seeking a candidate with the following experience:

  • Weather Central
  • Fusion Rundown
  • 3D Live
  • Adboe After Effects
  • Adobe Premier
  • Some 3D environment (Cinema 4D, Maya and 3D Max)

Important Computer Skills

  • Tech Support (general ITskills; mainly for Windows)
  • Understanding FTP, file conversions (one format to another), mapping network drives/using IP addresses, basic scripting, spreadsheets/text data files.
If you are interested and qualified for any of the posted positions, please send a cover letter and two copies of your resume to the address listed below. You may also submit this information by e-mailing
Human Resources
606 Young Street
Dallas, Texas 75202
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