Q: My husband and I recently moved to Plano from out-of-state. For the past 2 years we have used a Channel Master HD antenna recommended by our local TV station with success. We have lived here for just 2 months and have had trouble with your station channel alone. About three-plus days out of every week we are unable to watch ABC because the reception is so bad. We have it directed at 207 degrees and the antenna is about 30-foot high. We have not had a single problem with the other networks, just yours. Is this a problem with your signal being weaker than the others? Do you have any suggestions that we could use on our end? We have a remote motor on our antenna and can easily turn it. We would greatly appreciate any help you can give us. Thanks so much.


A: Welcome to Texas, Terry and thank you for your email. Sorry to hear you are having technical issues. We checked with David Johnson, our director of technology, on your questions. He said he would be pleased to look into it for you. David's email is

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