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The Reinoshek and Javier families will spend Christmas at Parkland Memorial Hospital, where eight-year-old Maya Javier is recovering from second-degree burns over nearly half her body.

Maya was inside a North Richland Hills home when it exploded on Saturday.

On Tuesday, police released recordings of 911 calls in the minutes after the blast.

CALLER: 'My neighbor's house just exploded!'

OPERATOR: 'Is it on fire?'

CALLER: 'Yes. It's smoking and everything... windows and stuff just blew out the front door... glass and stuff blowing everywhere.'

Atmos Energy said there was a leak in a natural gas distribution line in the neighborhood, but won't yet say for sure that's what triggered the explosion.

Marvin Reinoshek does not recognize his North Richland Hills home of 10 years.

'It could have leveled the whole block,' he said. 'There was enough gas to do some serious damage'

But for Reinosheck, the most painful image was seeing his niece under the debris. He picked her up, took her to the front yard and pleaded for help from the 911 operator:

REINOSHEK: 'Hurry up! Where they at? Ya'll are down the street from us.'

OPERATOR: 'They're on their way. Stay on the phone to make sure she stays OK.'

REINOSHEK: 'She's screaming! We're out front!'

Her family said Maya is now in stable condition. Doctors have told them she will recover but not before Christmas.


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