ARLINGTON -- Power outages swept through south and southwest Arlington on Friday following heavy ice and sleet that brought tree branches crashing down on the power lines.

Along Green Oaks Boulevard, there were thousands of outages at one point on Friday afternoon.

Some residents checking the Oncore website realized they might not see anything restored until Saturday afternoon or evening.

'It's been off for good since 8 a.m.,' said Ted Stauffer, who lives near Piedmont Drive.

In south Fort Worth along Valentine Street, there were spotty outages, and also a carport that came crashing down because of too much ice accumulation on top of it.

One man and woman were taken to JPS Hospital with minor injuries.

Most of the outages came in patches, with one street being fine and then the next covered in darkness.

Throughout Tarrant County, about 20,000 residents were without power heading into the evening hours.

Oncor said most of those in the area should have service restored by Saturday afternoon.

Arlington city officials urged those without heat to stick out the storm with neighbors or friends who didn't lose power, or perhaps even find a motel for the night.


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