ROCKWALL -- The turkey is prepped and the silverware is on the table for what will be Seth Miller's first Thanksgiving with his new family, the Hunts.

Unlike many past years - when he was fixed a plate and sent upstairs to eat alone in his bedroom - this year, Seth will have a place at the table.

'About 13 years,' Seth said when asked the last time he sat down for a Thanksgiving meal at the dinner table. 'It brings a lot of memories back.'

Seth was adopted as a child. The adoption failed, and he spent many years in foster care.

In September, the high school senior was living alone and barely scraping by after aging out of the foster care system. He'd been homeless for a period and struggling.

After a News 8 report, he connected with his biological sister's family. Neither had any idea the other existed.

But now, 12-year-old Shyann's family is his.

The concept of family has been an emotional change for a young man who has been dealing for so long with issues of abandonment.

'I love you,' Shyann said, hugging her big brother. 'I love you.'

Shyann and the Hunt family tell Seth all the time how much he means. Robert Hunt treats Seth as a son. Ara Hunt believes Seth was always meant to be part of their happy clan.

The Hunts have a combination of biological and adopted children. All have welcomed Seth, who now goes by the name Logan, as one of their own.

This year, when this family join hands around the table to say a prayer, they are giving thanks for many things -- not least of which is belonging.


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