DALLAS -- The room went quiet and every person in it stood as Marie Tippitt entered.

She held a bouquet of roses, and looked truly touched.

'It blesses me to see all of you here and know you care about our family,' she said.

A memorial for her husband, Dallas Police Officer JD Tippitt, who was killed in the line of duty November 22, 1963, was moved inside the Dallas Police Association headquarters due to the cold and damp weather. The memorial was supposed to be held and the spot where Tippitt died in Oak Cliff at the hands of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Minutes before killing Tippitt, he had shot and killed President John F. Kennedy.

Tippitt stopped Oswald to question him after he saw him acting suspicious. Many say Tippitt was the reason Oswald was caught so fast.

'I had the privilege of being JD's wife for 17 years,' Marie said. 'I was blessed to have him.'

Tippitt was 39 and the father of three young children. He had been an officer 11 years. Marie described him as a loving father and husband who always made her laugh, and always calmed her fears.

Tippitt was laid to rest the same day Oswald and Kennedy were. And on that day, Marie never received a folded American flag, as is tradition to honor someone who died in service.

Friday night, on the 50th anniversary of her husand's death, Dallas Police Chief David Brown took of his police cap, knelt on one knee, and presented Tippitt with the flag her husband so richly deserved.

Then, they dimmed the lights and lit candles as the police choir sang.

Brown quoted scripture, saying 'Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.'

'You may ask who were JD's friends,' Brown said. 'Look around. It's us.'


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