(For our purposes, we'll be categorizing players each week as should be added, could be added, or if you're desperate. The number of players we take a look at will vary each week depending on injuries and their realistic usefulness in the weeks to come -- no adding players for the sake of meeting a minimum.)

Should be added

Rashad Jennings, RB, Oakland Raiders

If you own Darren McFadden, you should've already had Jennings, but if he's not spoken for as a handcuff in your league he's the add of the week (in a week that doesn't have a ton of hidden gems). Jennings is a capable runner and is averaging 4.7 yards per carry this year while getting a moderate amount of work. DMC seems like he'll be back this year, but Jennings has at least the start next week against the Giants, and the Raiders then play the three games that follow in 11 days. Even if McFadden is healthier by then, Jennings may be in line to get more carries in that tough stretch.

Nick Foles, QB, Philadelphia Eagles

Well that was unexpected. Foles gets benched or ignored in leagues across the country and just responds with one of the best fantasy days in history, helping approximately no one in the process. Odds are, you're pretty content with your fantasy QB at this stage of the season. But the Eagles face Washington, Arizona, Detroit, Minnesota, and Chicago in Weeks 11-16 (they have a bye in there, too). Those five defenses all rank 23rd or worse in the league in passing yards allowed at this point, and you'll get them all during the fantasy clinching weeks and playoff run. Foles should be on your bench, if only so your opponent doesn't pick him up and spot start him to knock you out of the race.

Mike Brown, WR, Jacksonville Jaguars

This is a bit of a begrudging pick, but Brown's output does have a high ceiling and is likely unowned in your league. First the positive: With Justin Blackmon done for the year, Brown was going to see an uptick in looks anyway and he had 20 targets in the Jaguars last three games. Also, Jacksonville suuuuuucccccckkkkkkssss and has to throw the ball constantly in the second half because they feel too bad for subjecting the best running back in franchise history to more punishment than just suiting up for them every week in general. The negative: Who the hell is Mike Brown? He went to Liberty and was a college quarterback. He's apparently not a rookie (who knew?) and was a practice-squad guy for Jacksonville most of last year. Keep in mind, the Jags were second-worst team in the league in 2012, and Brown played twice and didn't catch a ball. So yeah, forgive me for not drinking the Kool-Aid and saying he's going to save your fantasy season. If he has a big week this week, he should be a very hot commodity on next week's waivers, so add him if you have space and need a WR. I just wouldn't start him unless I have to.

Could be added

Riley Cooper, WR, Philadelphia Eagles

I'm not all that high on Cooper, despite his posting solid overall numbers the last four games. He absolutely maximized on his potential against Oakland, turning six targets into three touchdowns and almost 140 yards, but most of his production this year has come against absolute-garbage secondaries. Plus, after last week, we're down to four-or-less teams on bye every week the rest of the year, so the player pool at every position should get a little deeper. Odds are you can find someone more dependable or trustworthy for a flex position, but rostering Cooper just in case he and Foles have some sort of 'Pacific Rim' mind-meld thing going isn't the worst idea I've ever heard.

Case Keenum, QB, Houston Texans

As I said with Foles, you've probably got an entrenched starting quarterback by now, and Keenum's matchups down the stretch aren't as good Foles'. In fact, he gets the Jaguars twice, which sounds like great news until you realize most teams stop throwing it on Jacksonville in the second half so they aren't accused of bullying by a Fort Worth parent. If your QB goes down and you're in need and for some reason Foles isn't available (or Vick is given the starting nod in Philly again), Keenum may be the best player available depending on the matchup -- he's probably a sound decision against Arizona this week, Oakland the following week, and Denver in the championship week (Week 16), should you make it that far.

If you're desperate

None this week!

See previous recommendations here and here if you're scraping the bottom of the barrel for help.

Josh Davis is a web editor, formerly covered the Texas Rangers for and is kinda obsessed with fantasy sports. He has no professional expertise in fantasy sports, but finds it funny that anyone claims they do.

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