COPPELL Inside the Logan family home, memories of No. 21, Jacob Logan, a Coppell High student and star athlete decorate nearly every wall.

'He's always in my thoughts because we miss him so much,' said Mona Logan, Jacob's mom.

The 17-year-old died last October after jumping off a cliff into Possum Kingdom Lake.

This summer, Jacob's parents, his sister, and two of his best friends went to Zambia on a mission trip to mentor orphans, to offer them love. Mona Logan remembers telling the story of the loss of her son.

'As I was sharing, tears just started falling down my face and they all just came around, and they were patting and hugging on me,' she said. 'They were saying, 'We don't want you to be sad.''

The love, that understanding changed Jacob's parents.

'They know what pain is,' said Mona. 'It was just like our common pain just brought us together.'

Every smile was a reminder of their son. For Jacob's dad, Howard Logan, the connection came with a boy named David.

'After I had that conversation with him, I told Mona, 'I think I found my Jacob,'' Howard said.

The Logans found healing in Zambia... and a new mission.

The family teamed up with Family Legacy Mission to raise money to build a home for teen boys on the compound in honor of Jacob. The price tag: $210,000. The first fundraising event is The Jacob Logan Run, a 5K event on Saturday, December 21.

'They will have a home,' Mona pledged. 'They will have a mentor, and it will be a process that they will work with them whether they go to a trade school or college.'

Giving these kids across the ocean the opportunity their son didn't have.

'They will know all about Jacob,' Mona said. 'They will know his story. He will be a friend to them.'

The family said the kids started healing their broken hearts, and their son would be proud of that.

'He's probably smiling down,' Howard said. 'I bet you he's laughing, rolling on the floor. Very proud.'


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