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McKINNEY It's not even Halloween, but Christmas decorations are already going up in McKinney.

The 15-scene, drive-thru Christmas Journey presentation is going up one decoration at a time at First Baptist Church.

The production will include 650 cast members, live donkeys and camels, and Roman guards clad in full armor.

It's been three years since members of the church last carried out their longstanding tradition of the Christmas journey. In 2010, it attracted 10,000 visitors who drove by 15 different scenes portraying the life of Jesus Christ.

'This allows people to come to a presentation without leaving the comfort of their car and getting out of their comfort zone,' said Myron Wilson, First Baptist's worship minister.

Church members started working on the displays last month. They congregate here every other Saturday, and preparing so many different sets is no easy task.

'It takes tons of man hours to put everything together,' Wilson said. 'But it's a great opportunity for us to engage our community and to tell the message of Christ at Christmas time.'

Fifteen different people will play Jesus, including real babies in the manger scene.

Christmas Journey runs from December 12-14 between 6 and 9 p.m.


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