ARLINGTON There was an empty feeling in the Texas Rangers clubhouse on Tuesday.

There were no players around. Manager Ron Washington talked about moving on after this team was stopped from reaching the American League Wild Card game.

'You know, we played 163 games, and in the past four years, our season was never over until 162 games were over,' Washington said.

It's a different story this year, although the team did win at least 90 games or more for the fourth year in a row... and they did it Washington's way.

'At times we were too aggressive, but the one thing I loved more than anything else, there was never a time that we weren't aggressive,' Washington said.

'I've always been a person in the game of baseball that was aggressive as a player, was aggressive as a coach, and I'm aggressive as a manager and I'm not going to apologize for that,' he added.

'I am not putting ankle chains on them. I am not putting handcuffs on them. We're going to go out there and we're going to take it to them and we'll live with it and that's what we had to do this year.'

So for the first time since 2010, the Rangers will not have a post-season playoff game. Asked if his wish list included more offense for next season, Washington had a simple reply.

'You got to score runs. You got to score runs. You got to score runs,' he repeated.

Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels said after Monday's loss that Washington's job is safe for next year. As for Washington, that's an area he just as soon steers away from.

'I'm not going there. I'm not giving that any more legs. The legs on that have already run out of gas,' he said with a smile.

And so have the Rangers for the 2013 season.


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