IRVING For the second time in three weeks, the magic number for the Cowboys defense was six.

In week one, they came up with six turnovers in a win against the New York Giants.

On Sunday, against the St. Louis Rams, it was six sacks on a day when defensive end DeMarcus Ware broke a 30-year -old franchise record for sacking the quarterback.

'When you get a win like we did in a great fashion, breaking records or making plays on defense or making plays on offense always feels great,' Ware said.

'There is no star on this defense,' said Cowboys defensive tackle Jason Hatcher. 'The star of the defense is the defense. So D-Ware, it's over for you. You're just a guy now.'

A smile spread across Hatcher's face as he said those words.

It was Hatcher who spoke to his teammates last week and gave a speech that apparently had a positive impact on the rest of the team.

Now Hatcher was also told about a report from that he had called out quarterback Tony Romo. That was a report he denied.

'You know I love Romo to death. That's my brother,' he said. 'Call Romo in. Tell him to come over here. I'm going to hug his neck. We ain't got no issues. Where you all get that from?I love Romo. Romo loves me. We're teammates. We're brothers. Brotherhood.'

When asked if he had to get on to Romo, Hatcher replied, 'No, Romo knows what's at stake. He's a football player. Why would I get on the leader of the team?'

'The main thing I got from Hatchers' speech was being consistent,' Ware said. 'Let's be a consistent team. We can be a great team but the consistent teams are the ones that win.'

And right now, that's something the Cowboys are still working on.


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