The Samson in the Old Testament needed his hair to maintain his strength.

This week, our Teresa Woodard introduced you to another Samson strongman, for whom neither hair nor good health was necessary to inspire the rest of us.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

Trey Sampson is just a 12-year-old Balch Springs middle schooler who loves football has one desire: score a touchdown for his beloved Balch Springs Jaguars.

Aparticularly aggressive cancer has thrown up a block.

Doctors, despite all their knowledge and every treatment which included taking his left arm say there's nothing more they can do. This week, the Jaguars and their opponents, the J.J. Long Buccaneers, decided there was something they could do.

On the first play of their Tuesday game, despite orders not to run hard or be tackled, Trey Sampson tucked the ball firmly in his right arm and sprinted down the field to score as sweat poured from his brow.

'Just awesome' he said, surrounded by both teams and his proud mother who held back tears. He'd been smiling all day, his mother told us.

We've been smiling ever since, knowing this Samson, with a little help friends, defied his Delilah.

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