It's hard to forget the long lines at North Texas Tollway Authority offices last week as people waited up to six hours to make good on unpaid tolls, which have left the agency's ledgers with millions of dollars of red ink.

It was a rare chance to avoid paying the fines associated with every outstanding toll, but that amnesty window ended Wednesday night at 7 o'clock.

Anyone who missed the deadline will continue to see 'administrative fees' attached to unpaid bills, but the NTTA unveiled a new, 'streamlined' fee structure on Wednesday.

This is how fines will now work: For the first notice of non-payment, a $10 administrative fee will be added. For the second notice, it's $25.

Prior to Wednesday, fees were based on every unpaid toll.

NTTA is also introducing what's called a 'starter' TollTag for drivers who use the system rarely. It would start with a $20 pre-paid balance.

The Tollway Authority urges anyone who uses its roads to get a TollTag because cash customers who are billed pay a 50 percent higher rate.

For more information and other fee structure changes, visit the NTTA Website.


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