HOUSTON Years after she received an unusual gift from an ex -boyfriend, a woman and her pet have captured the interest of those in the Heights community in Houston.

Brenda Heredia said she was given 'Turbo,' a 13-year-old tortoise weighing in at 110 pounds, as a Christmas present from her boyfriend during her high school years.

While she thought the little guy was a box turtle, she saw the pet grow into a much larger reptile.

'He didn't stop growing,' she said.

Come to find out, Turbo is an African spur thigh tortoise, the third largest tortoise species in the world.

Now, she gets double takes from onlookers as she walks her tortoise through Memorial Park. With no leash, Turbo crawls along her side

'He's very friendly,' Heredia said.

While Heredia said she and the boyfriend who gave her the tortoise have long since broken up, Turbo and Heredia are expected to be longtime companions.

'He's going to be here for hopefully the next 150 years,' she said.

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