Two well known names in the world of technology joined forces and created the Moto X smart phone. Motorola and Google introduced the new smartphone in August.

What may make this phone special to North Texans is that it is built in Fort Worth and is the only smartphone assembled in the United States.

Other things that make this phone a good buy:

  • Design - The design is nice and slim. Moto X is lightweight and comparable to the popular GS4 and iPhone 5. The back of the phone is made of polycarbonate plastic that gives the phone a different feel, making it seem sturdier than other phones of this caliber.
  • Customization - AT &T customers can select the color of the phone. The front can be either black or white. Users can select from dozens of colors for the back cover of the phone.
  • Battery Life - The Moto X charges quickly and is usable for an entire day of texting, emailing and photo taking.
  • Shake gesture Want an easy way to turn on the camera and snap a quick picture? Then you will like the Moto X shake feature.

Needs a little work:

  • The screen is not large. It is slightly larger than the iphone 5, but smaller than the GS4.
  • It has no removable storage, but Google does give 50 gigabites of free space for users.
  • The camera is average. The pictures come across dark at times. Perhaps more flash.
  • Touchless control was difficult to set up. It does not always work very well.

Grade overall: B+, A in some areas.

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