SAGINAW -- How would you like to own an expensive set of jewels? Or, perhaps, a new car or TV is on your wish list.

All of those things are up for auction in Saginaw Saturday morning, and many come by way of convicted drug dealers.

"You can pick that up and feel the weight on that one -- it's all diamonds and this is gold, said Rene Bates, while holding up a large jewel-encrusted chain necklace.

Bates showed off some heavy-duty bling Friday afternoon. It was all taken from Tarrant County's biggest drug dealers. Several of the chains he held up at an auction preview could set you back more than $3,000 in a store.

"This is a Gucci watch with a black diamond bezel. Looks to me like the dope business has been pretty good in this county," Bates said, pointing to the diamonds on the watch.

Bates is an auctioneer. At the Windy Ryon Rodeo Arena in Saginaw, the watch, the chain, and dozens of other items are up for bid.

The county sells seized items and old county property at live auction once a year, including sporty vehicles. They have a Hummer and a Corvette this year. Both are in very good shape.

"A big portion of the time, you have good vehicles because they've got the money to keep them up and running," Bates said.

Hoping for a Harley? They've got a few. There are also chainsaws, dozens of flat-screen TVs, and even household appliances.

"Really when I came out here, I was looking just to see what kind of diamonds and jewelry they had, but this is a nice looking car," Melva Evans said, from behind the wheel of the Corvette with leather interior.

Evans, who lives in Hurst, has bid on items at county auctions before. Her advice to people who haven t is to set a price and stick to it.

"If you do that, you can come out with good deals, but if you get caught up in the frenzy and fun, you'll end up spending way more than you intended," she said.

In the past, the county has made as much as $500,000 from these auctions. The money goes back to the narcotics unit and keeping drug dealers off the streets.

The auction begins at 9 a.m., but people can inspect items beginning at 8 a.m. You can also go to to see a list of vehicles and other items being sold, as well as jewelry appraisal.


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