GRAND PRAIRIE The city of Grand Prairie announced a water emergency Tuesday morning.

Utility crews are working around the clock to restore service that was interrupted Monday by a major water main break on the north side of Joe Pool Lake.

"Use water for essential personal hygiene only," the city said in an update issued at 4 p.m. Tuesday. Residents are asked to turn off outdoor irrigation systems and outdoor watering is prohibited during the duration of the emergency.

Repairs to the break along Camp Wisdom Rd. between Carrier Parkway and FM 1382 are expected to be complete on Wednesday, but additional time will be needed to test lines and refill storage tanks, so it will likely be Thursday before regular water service resumes.

Ron McCuller, the city's public works director, said his main concern is when residents return home from work. There are roughly 70,000 water users in Grand Prairie, all of whom are affected by this. If they resume their typical water usage, going dry is a very real possibility, he said.

Officials said residents can check for updates at

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