DALLAS Police on Friday added an additional two charges against Erbie Bowser, who investigators say killed his ex-girlfriend and estranged wife at separate homes in DeSoto and Dallas late Wednesday night.

Bowser is now charged in Dallas with capital murder in the deaths of his girlfriend, Toya Smith, and her daughter, 17-year-old Tasmia Allen.

He was charged Thursday in DeSoto for killing his estranged wife Zina Bowser and her daughter Neima Williams.

Also shot were Smith's 14-year-old son Storm Malone and 17-year-old family friend Dasmine Mitchell.

"She was just a strong willed girl,"said Syndey Ricks, who attended Duncanville High School with both Tasmia Allen and Dasmine Mitchell.

Mitchell survived the shooting and, although critically wounded, was strong enough to help identify a suspected killer, an affidavit said.

A Dallas police detective interviewed Dasmine Thursday afternoon in the hospital. When asked if she knew who shot her she replied, "Erbie, the document alleges.

Ricks said Dasmine spent last year attending school in Houston, but decided she liked her old school in Duncanville better. She came back to spend the summer with her longtime friend Tasmia.

Ricks knew both girls, but was closest to Tasmia.

"I will just always remember her for making me laugh and her smile always brightening my day." she said.

Police said Dasmine also picked Bowser out of a six-photo line up, and said he was the only gunman. Police found gun shell casings identical to the weapon used in the shootings. They also found Bowser's clothes, shoes and jewelry in Smith's bedroom.

At his estranged wife s home in DeSoto, police say Bowser shot and killed her and her daughter and wounded her two sons. An arrest affidavit reveals one of the women was found dead downstairs in a master bedroom.

The other woman was foundin an upstairs back bedroom near one of the wounded boys. Police said it was 11-year-old Miles White who told an officer at the scene that Bowser shot him and all the other people in the house.

Bowser is still awaiting transfer from Parkland Hospital to the Lew Sterett Justice Center, where he will be held on $2.5 million bond.


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