DALLAS -- Lights, cameras, and television floor crews swirl around Taya Kyle on the set of Good Morning Texas.

All she wanted was a private, country life with her two young children, and her husband home from war. But the widow of slain former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle tackles interviews and TV appearances like missions to be completed.

"I think it's therapeutic, in that it's a way for me to care for my husband, who I still desperately love and miss," she said. It s a way for me to continue his legacy for his children and his friends.

She's promoting "American Gun," a book Chris Kyle was completing when he was murdered. It chronicles the impact of 10 firearms on American history, as told through people who used them.

It's a story about people, she said. There's really good storytelling in it."

She said the stories are not just for gun enthusiasts.

Her own storyline is a hectic series of projects.

'American Gun,' 'American Sniper,' 'American Sniper: Memorial Edition,' 'American Sniper: The Movie," she ticks them off in quick succession. She said the movie requires constant communication with a Steven Spielberg script writer.


She's launching a new foundation and preparing to home-school her kids.

"Normal for us is being together. It's not a place. It's being together, she explained. That gives us time together."

She said she gives little thought to Eddie Routh, the troubled veteran who admitted killing Chris Kyle and his close friend Chad Littlefield. Taya and Chad Littlefield s wife were best friends before the shooting, and lean on each other for comfort.

"I do not believe this is a case of [post-traumatic stress disorder,] she said of Eddie Routh. I have not heard it confirmed he had PTSD. I resent people blaming murder on anything other than your ability to commit evil."

She also resents former Minnesota governor and professional wrestler, Jesse Ventura.

He sued Chris Kyle for defamation over a passage in "American Sniper." But he recently asked a judge to add Taya as a defendant.

"If I was not supposed to keep my mouth shut, I could tell you quite a bit, Taya said of the suit. If you think it's bad now, I could tell you more."

She ll have to travel to Minnesota soon for a hearing on the case -- a distraction she has little time for.

Taya Kyle said she misses not only her husband, but time to grieve for him. But she said he is her inspiration for finding time for family, for God, and for service.


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