The Dallas Stars' new star player is dealing with a new Twitter controversy.

A homophobic tweet was sent out on Tyler Seguin's account Saturday night. Almost immediately, he claimed his account had been hacked.

Seguin has since shut down his Twitter feed. He'll be meeting with team officials Monday to discuss the incident, and has scheduled a news conference on Tuesday.

The Stars issued this blunt statement on Sunday:

"In no way, shape or form does the Dallas Stars organization condone or agree with the message that was sent out through Tyler Seguin's Twitter feed last night. We ve addressed the issue directly with Tyler and we'll continue to work on educating our players regarding the importance of their conduct on all forms of social media."

This is the second anti-gay tweet controversy for the 21-year-old center in three months.

The Stars gave up a lot to acquire Seguin in Thursday's trade with Boston.

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