DALLAS -- Wimbledon is 5,000 miles and an ocean away, but the members at Prestonwood Country Club in Dallas are getting an up-close sampling of it during this fortnight.

PCC Tennis Director John Ingram III showed us the club's grass tennis court.

"And as you can see, as the golfers come up, it's kind of a novelty to them to look over here and see a grass court," said Ingram, as a foursome pulled up to the tee box on 11.

A pitching wedge away from that tee box is a single, grass tennis court on what is normally a practice area. It's something Ingram, who is an admitted Wimbledon nut, has envisioned for a long time, and this year they got it done.

"It's a dream come true and a labor of love," Ingram said.

The court is only here for the two weeks of Wimbledon. Originally, the plan was to have players hit balls on it for a few points or maybe a set, but the court has played so well that members are requesting to play their regular matches on it.

"The main thing is, for me, it's faster," said April Fleming, part of a doubles group playing on the grass court during our visit. "You have to be ready for the ball faster."

"It is definitely different," said member Lorraine Vecchiola. "The bounces are different; the atmosphere - being out here on the golf course - it's so nice. It's cooler."

As far as we know, this is the only grass court in North Texas, because they are almost impossible to maintain. That's why it makes sense to have it on a golf course, where they have the equipment and manpower to maintain it.

Ingram has been to Wimbledon twice in his life, not as often as he would like. Maybe now he'll start bringing a little Wimbledon to Prestonwood every year.


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