A gas pipeline separated from a well Friday morning, spewing fracking water and natural gas into the air at a rural area in south Denton.

City spokeswoman Lindsay Baker said there was no safety concern, although four homes were evacuated "for cautionary purposes only."

"It's mainly an agricultural, rural area with large acreages so, again, it was only for precautionary purposes," Baker said. "In the event anything like this occurs, it's standard operating procedure."

The well is located in the 600 block of Jim Christal Road near the intersection of Mosch Branch. The street was shut down while the operator, Eagle Ridge, worked to cap the well. It was capped at about 4 p.m.

Baker said the Texas Railroad Commission was on site to make sure Eagle Ridge was in compliance with state regulatory demands.

Flights were diverted away from the nearby Denton Municipal Airport.

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