A second Terrell man has been charged with making a terroristic threat against a Kaufman County public official.

Robert Alan Miller was arraigned Thursday and is being held in the Kaufman County Jail on $1 million bond. The day before, Nick Morale, 56, was jailed for the same thing after threatening a judge on a tip line set up for the public to submit tips related to the murders of two of the county's top prosecutors and the district attorney's wife.

Miller, 52, posted a message threatening the safety of an assistant district attorney on the Facebook pages of multiple local and national news stations, said Katherine Chaumont, spokeswoman for the Dallas branch of the FBI.

Last Saturday, District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia were found shot to death in their Forney home. Eight weeks prior, Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse was gunned down outside the Kaufman County Courthouse on his way to work.

Neither Miller nor Morale have been linked to the murders, authorities have said.

In the Facebook note, which was also sent to WFAA, Miller names another prosecutor whom he expects "will soon perish, bringing closure to an era of unacceptable practices and allowing Kaufman County residents to move forward with liberty and justice."

Miller, who goes by Bob Miller on Facebook, continues:

"What's happening is not an attack on the Criminal Justice System as a whole. It's a person or group who have unjustly had their lives destroyed by that office. What we are seeing unfold are acts of revenge against the tyrannical, unjust, Pit Bull style treatment of every poor soul damned to do business in the Kaufman County Courthouse. What District Attorney Mike McLelland boasted of as In your face prosecuting . They make it personal, very personal. They quickly railroad a Defense Attorney and Defendant into complete despair without regard for ones innocence or guilt."

In an email, Chaumont said investigators are taking all threats seriously.

"When incidents such as this occur, resources that need to be dedicated to the investigation of the homicides of Mike and Cynthia McLelland, as well as Mark Hasse, must be diverted to investigate the threats," reads an official statement.

Investigators declined to comment further, only to say the investigation into the murders is ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to call 877.847.7522 or send tips online here.

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