DALLAS - A four-year-old boy was pronounced dead after choking on foodat Mount Auburn Elementary School, in the Dallas Independent School District.

The pre-K student choked while eating lunch at the school with his classmates in the cafeteria. According to Rebecca Rodriguez, a spokeswoman with the Dallas Independent School District, adults were present when the boy began to choke.

School cafeteria workers acted imediately when they noticed the boy was having trouble breathing and swallowing, Rodriguez said. As the four-year-old struggled, workers called 911 and performed the Heimlich maneuver. The school nurse was able to dislodge the food from his throat and he began breathing and talking.

However, he then went into a seizure and lost consciousness. The nurse performed CPR on the boy twice, but he was not revived.

"At no point in time when he was distressed was he ever alone and we hope that brings [his parents] some comfort," she said.

The boy died as he was being transported to the hospital.

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