Dallas police shot at and arrested a man who pointed a BB gun at them in a "high crime area" near LBJ Freeway and Skillman Street early Friday morning.

Minutes before 2 a.m., police witnessed what appeared to be a drug transaction in a parking lot between two suspects at 9100 Skillman St. While speaking with the two, police noticed a man hiding behind a Dumpster nearby.

When they approached the man, they saw what they believed was a weapon in his hand. The officers ordered the man to drop it. Dallas Police Department spokesman Gerardo Monreal said the suspect then pointed what he was holding at officers, making them "fear for their lives."

One officer shot his service weapon at the man and missed. The man hiding behind the Dumpster was arrested and a weapon was found at the scene, Monreal said. They soon discovered it was a BB gun.

The department has not released the arrested suspect's name, nor said what weapon was found or what happened to the other two individuals.

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