RED OAK Michael Noah Hummel was a ninth grader who had just transferred to Red Oak from DeSoto. Speaking with friends and teachers at Red Oak High, it's clear the 16-year-old made a big impact in a short time.

Hummel was killed onWednesdaywhile riding home from school on his dirt bike. He most likely rolled into oncoming traffic. A cement truck swerved to avoid him, but didn't make it in time.

"We're just devastated by the tragedy, of the loss of a student," said Principal Kevin Freels. "Our faculty, our staff, the student body; our hearts go out to the family."

Friends say Hummel was an active member of the junior ROTC at Red Oak High. He had a great sense of humor and was loved by his friends.

"No matter what, whether you were down or not feeling well, he always found a way to make you smile, make you laugh," said his best friend Dakota Shelton. "He always found a way to make you feel better."

The ROTC was scheduled to visit a Fort Worth military post on Thursday but canceled the trip. They also have a ball planned for Saturday with a moment of silence inHummel's memory.

"Eighth period class, I'd always walk in and hear my name being called and he would tackle me with hugs," Shelton said. "I'm going to miss that."


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