DENTON COUNTY A North Texas man recovering from injuries sustained at the Daytona International Speedway is expected to be released from a Florida hospital soon.

Krum resident Eddie Huckaby, 53, was attending Saturday's Nationwide series event when debris from a crash came flying over the track's fence into the stands.

Around 30 people were injured, and some were rushed to area hospitals.

Huckaby sustained a major cut to his leg, according to his brother Terry.

"You gotta realize a wheel and I'm not talk about a tire, but an entire wheel with a drum and everything flying over your head," Terry said.

The brothers were sitting about ten rows up in the stands.

Eddie Gossage, who runs the Texas Motor Speedway, said the facility's fence is better built than what they have in Daytona.

Still, the racing industry veteran expects calls for increased safety across the board.

"You see things happen that are really hard to swallow when it involves crew members, but when it involves fans it's something we just can't accept," said Gossage.

NASCAR officials are reviewing what happened on Saturday. Speedway officials offered to relocate any fans attending Sunday's Daytona 500 race who had concerns about their seating arrangements.


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