DALLAS The death of Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher two months ago began as a case of domestic violence.

On December 1, 2012, he killed his 22-year-old girlfriend before driving to the Chiefs' training facility, where he shot himself.

Belcher's suicide rattled Kansas City. Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr not only knew Belcher as a former teammate, but he knew his girlfriend as well.

To him, it was a double tragedy.

"I believe it doesn't affect you until it actually hits home, and the two individuals that were involved in the incident, it affected more than them," Carr said.

Carr was one of the men who gathered with Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings Tuesday as part of a campaign promoting "Men Against Abuse."

The mayor said the number of domestic abuse cases reported annually in Dallas is a staggering 13,000.

"If we were able to bring those [numbers] down, think about what our police would be able to do," Rawlings said.

Unfortunately, abuse among well-known sports figures isn't all that uncommon. The tumultuous relationship between boxer Mike Tyson and wife Robin Givens is one of the most infamous cases.

For Carr, there isn't a day that goes by when he doesn't think about his former teammate.

"Sometimes it s hard to go to sleep," Carr said. "Not only are the ones involved impacted, but the ones that have to see it and be the support system for the result of what happens. Let young men know that it's okay to be a gentleman once again... like back in the day when our parents raised us to open up doors, take your coat off if the woman is cold, things like that."

The Mayor's goal is to have 10,000 men gather for a March 23 rally at Dallas City Hall Plaza.


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