For the next 180 days, we will follow a North Texas mother on her road to a healthier lifestyle. Sonya Johnson is attempting a Fit Mom 180.

WYLIE -- The Johnsons are a typical suburban family of four. But in their case, dad gets home from work first and starts the homework, snacks, and after-school stuff for five-year-old Caidyn and nine-year-old Carringtyn.

Glen, 36, is a former semi-professional football player who makes staying fit and healthy a priority, even now.

By the time Sonya Johnson, 35, gets home from her job as a medical assistant, it's late.

"It's hectic," she said, slipping some food in the microwave for the kids. "Dinner is leftovers from last night."

She knows a busy life has taken a toll on her body. She admits she needs to lose at least 30 pounds and rarely has the energy or time to work out.

"I think I've just put everything into work and getting the kids," Sonya said, "so I just haven't made the time for myself. Everyone else gets to be a priority."

He husband agreed.

"She puts the whole family first," Glen added. "She makes herself last, every day."

News 8 took the Johnsons for check-ups at Medical City Dallas, where Sonya learned what she already knew: she is overweight, and under exercised.

Dr. Kiran Robertson said that has to change. She told Sonya she could lose as much as 70 pounds and still be a healthy weight.

So with a little help, Sonya is taking the next 180 days to turn her health around, and do a Fit Mom 180.

"I'm ready," she said.

"I'm good, the girls are good," Glen said. "Mom -- let's get her right."


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