"World News with Diane Sawyer" is once again asking viewers if they are up for the challenge to buy more gifts from companies who sell Made in America products.

We found plenty of businesses right here in North Texas that are doing that.

'One Posh Place' in Grapevine is the perfect place to buy gifts for the person who has everything.

"We have a lot of home accents and unique gifts and it is mostly we try to have a lot of local artists and Texas artists and pieces like that-things that you're not going to find everywhere," said Kimber McJunkin, who co-owns One Posh Place

Whether it is the perfect candle gift,homemade basket or chair made in Texas, about 80 percent of the items at this brand new store are Made in America.

"It's been a very big challenge since we started," McJunkin said.

A lot of the products these small business owners purchase at market or from individual reps are indeed made in America, but often times the packaging and counterparts to the items are not.

"So this soap right here is made here in America, but the tray that it comes on is made in China and that's a little frustrating," McJunkin said.

One Posh Place is diligent about checking every single label in its quest to become a 100 percent Made in America store by next year.

Co-owner Valerie Muse said the shoppers often walk through the doors looking for the Made in America labels.

"They appreciate it, said Muse. So many people want to buy American and keep the jobs here in the Unites States. Being able just to do it locally it makes us feel good and the customers feel good."

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