FORT WORTH Administrators from several area schools will compete head-to-head in a night of drag racing at Texas Motor Speedway on Friday.

It kicks off the 2013 Scion High School challenge. This will be the 5th season for the event that's designed, in part, to give young drivers an alternative to illegal street racing.

According to government numbers, car crashes are the leading cause of death among people 15 to 20 years-old. The National Highway Transportation Administration says on average 135 people are killed in car crashes related to illegal street racing.

Among the people expected to participate in Friday's Drag and Brag is 19 year-old Brent Lancaster. The Keller resident believes illegal street racing simply isn't worth the risk.

I've seen many kids take torn up cars to their parents. It's just not worth it, Lancaster said.

In November 2011, a 16 year-old died when his car crashed on Northwest Highway.

And just last year two more teens were killed when the truck they were in crashed on Mitchell Avenue in Fort Worth. Police said street racing was to blame.

Lancaster and others have joined a movement to keep the exciting form of racing on the track, in a safe and controlled environment.But he knows kids will still race elsewhere.

It's sad because there are the opportunities given to them like the Scion Drag and Brag. It's giving us the opportunity to get off the of the street, but still be able to talk to your buddy, hey my car is faster than you. You can actually still go have fun, Lancaster said.

Texas Motor Speedway will convert pit road into a drag strip on six Friday nights during the summer. Organizers say about 1,000 drivers have competed in the event since the program began.


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