FRISCO -- A lot of noise is being made about 275 tranquil acres of property in Frisco east of Legacy and north of Stonebrook Parkway.

As Jim Schermbeck with the environmental group Downwinders at Risk puts it, the undeveloped plot of land has been the subject of a lot of constructive hell raising.

The city has a grand vision to develop the green space into what will be called Grand Park, full of amenities and water features. But some deep division springs forth from the creek that would feed into the project.

It s a beautiful idea, except for the fact that it is 500-feet away from and downstream of one of the largest toxic waste dumps in the area, Schermbeck said.

He doesn't live in Frisco, but he believes those who do might be at risk if they go to the planned park, which is near the former Exide battery recycling plant. That plant was shut down last year and has a mess of lead to clean up.

We just want to make sure it's a safe place for kids to play, and so far, the City of Frisco is pretending that is not a problem, Schermbeck said.

But the city takes exception to some of Schermbeck s arguments, saying some of the information is misleading. The city argues the property is being cleaned up, not just to acceptable industrial standards, but to the more rigorous residential standard.

Civic leaders say they are working closely with the state and the feds to assure the investigation and cleanup protect our residents and the environment.


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