DENTON Denton police are searching for a man who shot a father on his porch Thursday evening. The victim had just exited his home to help the suspect fix his supposedly broken-down car.

Prior to the shooting, the victim's daughter told her father a man was outside their home in the 600 block of Cordell Street. The man claimed to be having car troubles. But she soon discovered that same man shot her dad, leaving him fighting for his life.

Police on Saturday released a sketch of the suspect, who was described as a Hispanic man 18-20 years old, 5'-7 to 5'-11 tall; thin but toned; short, possibly buzzed dark hair; clean-shaven wearing a snap back flat-billed ball cap that's black on top with a logo and a blue bill.

The suspect was also wearing a baby blue tank top shirt, black shorts and black shoes. He spoke in Spanish.

The remnants of crime scene tape and fresh flowers in front of the Sanchez house are the only signs of what happened here Thursday night.

We heard what sounded like a firework, said Bailey Dixon, who lives next door. It ended up being a gunshot.

The teen who answered the door went to get her dad, Jose Sanchez, who walked out onto the porch. His daughter stayed inside.

She heard the bang of the gun, came out, and found her dad laying on the porch, said Denton police spokesman Ryan Grelle. He had been shot.

Sanchez was airlifted to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, where he is in serious condition.

Police are still searching for the shooter, who they only described as an Hispanic male.

I'm scared, said Claro Torres, the victim's brother-in-law. And my wife, she cried a lot. It's her brother. I can't understand why this problem happened.

Police are investigating whether the shooting was random or if the suspect and victim knew each other.

[I'm] just confused as to why that would happen to somebody so nice and pleasant to live next door to, Dixon said. I'm just scared to think that could happen anywhere.

Police say the suspect ran away. They never found a broken down car.


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