FORNEY When tornadoes struck schools in Moore, Oklahoma earlier this month, few outside of those directly affected were touched more than students at Forney's Crosby Elementary.

Their school was hit by a tornado just a year earlier on April 3, 2012, as classes let out for the day. That's why students, teachers, and parents took to the sidewalk outside Crosby to show solidarity and raise money.

We wanted to show kindness to the people who got hit this year, explained sixth-grader Milena Yemame.

Students walked around the school.For each checkpoint they passed, they raised money.

The school lost its roof and playground in last spring's EF-3 twister.Teacher cars and debris littered the grounds. It took six days for classes to reconvene.

The manicured neighborhood surrounding the school was a disaster zone. Lindsey Enochs, a teacher's aide, was at work when her nearby home was flattened.

Her son, mother and two other toddlers were inside -- amazingly, uninjured.

It's really close to my heart today to be able to help and do for others and pay it forward as they did for me last year, Enochs said.

While most homes in the neighborhoos have now been rebuilt, there are still empty lots.Walking through the rejuvenated area was cathartic for Enochs.

Money raised will be given to the American Red Cross. That organization assisted students in Moore, Oklahoma as well as in Cleburne, Granbury and in West after the explosion there.

Students don't know how much their walkathon is raising yet. But they say they know every cent may help another school child smile again.


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