GRAPEVINE The DFW Connector is nine months ahead of schedule and about 65 percent complete. A spokesman for the $1 billion project intended to reduce traffic congestion north of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport says it could be finished by next year.

However, drivers are still experiencing some frustration.

What they have right now is not sufficient at all, said Brian Broadbent. After leaving the airport earlier this month, the Dallas native said he was turned around for nearly an hour after twice missing an exit along Highway 121.

Broadbent said it's most challenging at night, when some lanes are closed for construction work. He complained that the signs are too small and confusing.

I'm from here, Broadbent said. I don't consider myself directionally challenged, and it took me an hour to get out of the airport, and I'm thinking to myself, 'What about people who aren't from here?'

A spokesperson with the DFW Connector said they are constantly working on ways to reduce any confusion that may exist in the area. He referred to electric signs along the highway that were added after feedback from confused drivers.

The spokesperson said the current signage meets Department of Transportation specifications.

Drivers can check the DFW Connector Web site regularly for information about upcoming lane closures.


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