Q: Hi, I watch you every night. The other night there was a lady on the news that has a store that offers U.S.A products. She tries to cater to Texas business owner. I'm interested in placing my products in her store. How can I reach her? Thanks and keep up the good work.
A: The store is in Lakewood, called Tallulah Belle. SO many cute items in there, and most of them are Made in DALLAS!

Q: You mentioned a salsa on the 5:00 news. What was it and where can I get the recipe?
A: Join me on Pinterest, I pinned it on my food board!

Q: Where could I view videos of the NEWS 8 ETC show with Suzie Humphreys? Would WFAA release the series on DVD?
A: I am not aware of any way you can view those right now, and there are no plans to release a DVD as of now, so sorry!

Q: It's not a question. In my humble opinion, the Star Spangled Banner is never better than when a high school or college band plays it and everyone sings. The rendition by Steven Tyler was bad. They could probably save lots of money if everyone sang.
A: 10-4. I like the traditional way of singing things, too!

Q: I love Ty Treadway but was curious about what happened to Chris Flanagan on GMT?
A: Chris moved to Ohio to be a main anchor in Cleveland. He is loving life!

Does WFAA have any plans to hire a REGULAR, full-time weather person for the weekday 5, 6 and 10 news ?
A: Pete is our full time weather guy! He may seem like he s gone a lot, but it s to make up for all the hours he works overnight when you DON T see him, during the threat of severe weather.

Q: Who do you like better? Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal?
A: Hmmm....Federer. That guy is super human.

Q: I understand that your Alma Mater is the University of Missouri. What do you think of Missouri joining the Southeastern Conference?
A: All this change is making me nervous. I always liked the Big 12. I hate that we won t play UT now, because my sister and brother went there and it was so fun to enjoy that rivalry.

Q: Hi Shelly.... We live in Granbury and love to watch WFAA..... you guys always look so well dressed. Do you dress yourselves or do you have someone to provide your clothes for you. You are all so well coordinated. BTW, please, show more weather for the Granbury area.....Thanks...
A: I am glad we are fooling you! I buy and choose all my clothes, no one helps me. Pete gets a lot of help from his wife, and John knows what works after so many years on the desk. I dream of having someone pick out clothes for us, it s the most annoying part of the job!

Q: Do you think Steve McCauley might some day become the WFAA Chief Meteorologist? In my opinion, Steve McCauley is the best WFAA meteorologist. Steve has a way of presenting technical information in an easy to understand way. Steve is also quite accurate and it makes me think he may gather much of the information prepared for the other meteorologists. Thank you for WFAA. Jim Davis, FM
A: Steve is amazing, no doubt. I doubt he changes shifts, he likes the weekends a lot because he has a few hobbies and businesses on the side he enjoys during the week.

Q: You showed a father and son that were burned. It was a propane tank explosion in their home. You also showed their dog Stoker that was burned and I would like to know if the dog made it? Thank you, Susie
A: Susie, I am a dog lover, too. I will reach out to see if we can find out.

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