DALLAS You watched it happen live on News 8 Daybreak Saturday morning as a special balloon doll was released at Victory Park to help give away tickets to Saturday night's World Series game.

A non-profit agency called Executives in Action set off the balloons with a note saying anyone who finds it can call the number listed and get two tickets for Game 3 between the Rangers and Cardinals.

The bundle of balloons soared into the North Texas sky in a a matter of seconds.

It came down 94 miles away in the small East Texas town of Hawkins, north of Tyler.

A couple was driving along when they saw the balloons coming down. Jamie and Jason Hall grabbed it and called the number, but get this they couldn't go to the game.

However, they have friends who are huge Rangers fans. Christie and John McQueen wanted to go to the game, but tickets were too expensive for their budget.

Now, they get to see the Rangers take on the Cardinals after all. And the view couldn't be better their seats are right behind the Rangers' dugout.

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