DALLAS, TX I was reminded again today about how small the world really is. Photographer Jose Gant and I went to the office of the Mayor of Dallas Mike Rawlings. Before I could even introduce myself, he reminded me that we used to work together. I didn t remember until he refreshed my memory.

It turns out we were both working for WFAA radio and started the same year back in 1977. He was a producer and reporter for Super Fan, a sports talk show that I remember as being a little wild and crazy. At the time, I was doing sports for both WFAA radio and WFAA TV.

My purpose for the trip was to get the Mayor s insight into the future of the Texas Oklahoma football game which continues to be played during the State Fair.

Rawlings says the game remains very important to the City of Dallas.

This isn t just game, this is a weekend, Rawlings says. There is nothing like this in college football throughout the United States.

Our interviewwill air Friday night during our Texas Oklahoma Rivalry special which airs on WFAA Friday night at 6:30pm.
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