DALLAS - From a sidewalk in south Dallas, Barbara Mallory Caraway gestures to a front yard.

That's where we had one of my first campaign parties, Caraway said.

The yard is where she kicked off her political career, winning a seat on the Dallas City Council in the 1990's, and later for the Texas Legislature.

She had powerful opposition then. Now she's taking on the most powerful congresswoman in Texas, ten-term Democrat Eddie Bernice Johnson.

Johnson got recent negative press for mismanagement of a scholarship fund, but was still re-elected.

Caraway said the campaign will be cordial, but will focus on new blood, jobs and health care.

Caraway is not without baggage of her own.

Her husband, Dallas City Councilman Dwaine Caraway, called Dallas police last year, and said his wife chased him with a knife.

I have not, nor will I make any statement regarding that issue, Mrs. Caraway said about the incident. I'm not on public record at this time, nor will I ever be on that issue.

The 30th District is thought to be one of the safest Democratic seats in Texas, but the election is more than a year away.


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