RICHARDSON A row of utility poles in Richardson has homeowners looking up.

The one on my yard is the only one I pay attention to, said Ed Walton.

The poles are a bit off-center. They are getting closer to driveways and homes near Arapaho and Coit Roads in the Reservation neighborhood.

Ed Walton didn't immediately notice the problem, but it didn't surprise him, either. The soil on his property was already cracking because of the triple-digit temperatures hitting North Texas.

I didn't run my sprinklers this year until a month ago because I have been able to get away with it for the last few years, he said. The cracks that were opening up in the yard were big enough to fall into. I'm sure it's because it's the hottest year since '80.

We checked with Oncor, the company responsible for delivering electric power. A company spokeswoman said the heat wave and drought conditions loosen the soil, causing the poles to slant.

Rainy weather should move them back into position, but workers will inspect the angled utility poles.

As for Walton, he vows to keep a closer eye on the pole in his backyard. I'm gonna watch that one in my yard to make sure it doesn't fall on me, he said.


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