DALLAS Kenneth Haddad was in the DallasCounty Jail Saturday night, accused of trying to steal air conditioning units from his neighbor.

The 20-year-old is facing robbery and drug charges after police arrested him early Saturday morning. The arrest has angered the Salinas family, whose property Haddad allegedly targeted.

It's not good, said14-year-old Diego Salinas. Hewould come sometimes to ask for something to drink and we would give him food sometimes, too.

Salinas' father repairs A/C units for a living. He stores them in the backyard of his home in South Dallas.

That's my dad's work right there, Diego said

The incident happened around 4 a.m. Saturday. The family woke up after hearing a noise.They got out of bed to checktheirbackyard.

He [Haddad] was trying to put it in that box, and he was trying to play it off like nothing happened, Diego said. Then he came back to grab another one, and that's when my mom saw him.

The family told News 8 they tried to stop Haddad.

He was trying to hit my little cousin, and my mom was keeping him away with a broom, Diego said. He was cussing at my mom... at everybody.

Last week, News 8 did a story on thieves stealing air conditioning units to make money.They strip the units for copper content and then sell it. They can make around $5 perpound.

Dallas police say about 15 to 22 air conditioner thefts are reported evey day.

Haddad's bail was set at $103,000. And while police recovered the Salinas family's A/C units, they are still concerned by the attempted crime and are now looking for a new place to live.


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