FRISCO, TX - With the temperature soaring well above the century mark, the Celina Bobcats hit the field this week.

We do it in moderation, says head coach Butch Ford. We don't go any longer than ten minutes without a break, and we just simply try to acclimate them to it.

Never mind the heat. The Bobcats are just startingtwo a day workouts.

Morning starts at eighth, Ford says. Afternoon starts at two. That's what works for us.

Because of the intense heat, extra precautions have to be taken.

We look for abnormal signs, says team trainer Kyle Sheridan. We've got kids at each station and make sure that they're staying hydrated and making sure that they drink. If they stop drinking, that's when we start getting worried.

We like to make it an eight hour day, Ford says. We like to fix it to where they have time to rest and recover.With forecasts calling for even higher temperatures later this week, Ford says he is changing his schedule.Younger players will work out only once and the second varsity workout will be shortened and moved to the grass field.

Shoe blowouts on artificial surface aren't uncommon. In fact, it can get so hot that it can melt the soles right off your feet. One player had to have the sole of his shoe taped back on. It just melted down the bottom of my cleat and popped off, he said.

It helps us later in the season when we hit tough times, says Zack Bilderback who plays both running back and free safety. You just think about these hot days we've been through. It can't get much worse than this.

Jordan Roos plays guard and nose tackle for Celina. The good thing here too is, I don't think people are just taking breaks and use the heat for an excuse, Roos says. If they're hot, they're going to take a break.

There was even a breeze when we were talking. Oh it's beautiful, Roos says. Yes sir. It's only like 110!
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